Is Your Content Accessible and Section 508 Compliant?

Need a New Website or an Update to Make Content Accessible?

Has it been a while since your website has gone through an update, or are you launching a new company and need your first website? And what about your content- are you sure it’s equally accessible to everyone, including people with disabilities that require them to use assistive equipment to access and read your content?

The Rubia Group team can help you plan, build and launch content and digital channels, including a website, that connect and engage every member of your target audience. And our marketing automation services help you track and engage with your website’s visitors. 

You can depend on our expert web developers, who average 19 years of experience creating websites and digital solutions that work, and our Department of Homeland Security (DHS) Trusted Tester Certified team members to create content that works for you and your goals, too.

Get More Customers Through Content Marketing

Gone are the days of your successful lead generation happening because your target audiences randomly find your company, services and products. If you’re looking to grow your list of qualified leads your sales team can nurture into customers and revenue, it’s important to leverage the power of content marketing to establish relationships with your target audiences early in their research and information gathering phase. 

Our content marketing solutions give you the strategic planning and content you need to start building relationships with your target audiences. Examples of content we create are:

  • Planning templates
  • How-to videos
  • Infographics
  • Podcasts
  • Blog articles


When content marketing is done correctly, you become a trusted problem solver for your target audiences before you even have your call or email exchange. By the time a lead is reaching out to your team for an intro call, there is a foundation of trust that has already been established through the help you have already delivered to your lead. 

Our Web Development, Webmaster and Content Management Services

Rubia Group’s Website Development Services

Rubia Group  builds websites to suit your needs, not based on what we like to build. This means starting your website project with a clear understanding of what you need your new website to do – and not do. Your requirements define which website content management system (CMS) we recommend for your needs. Our team are experts in developing websites using:

  • WordPress
  • Drupal
  • Squarespace
  • Wix


We also custom develop and build system solutions to meet specific requirements, like customized, easy to use on-demand reporting for your customers using your data sources and platforms.

Rubia Group Section 508 Accessibility Audits & Compliance

person pressing green key that reads WCAG on otherwise white keyboard

Section 508 Accessibility laws require your website, digital platforms and other content be accessible to everyone, including users who need assistive devices to consume the content.  Rubia Group web development and IT services are delivered by United States Department of Human Services Trusted Tester Certified Section 508 Compliance experts, and include the following:

  • Section 508 compliance audits 
  • Recommendations reports
  • Digital assets updates and management
  • 508 compliant review as part of our website and digital development process

Rubia Group’s Website Operations, Maintenance & Analytics Services

Rubia Group’s U.S. based team is here to help you maintain and leverage the website we build for you- and we’ll manage ones we haven’t built, too. Our monthly website operations, maintenance and analytics services bring you peace of mind that your investment in a new website is being maintained with the latest product updates and security measures. And our analytics service brings you not only the data on what visitors are doing when they come to your website, but actionable recommendations based on what the data is telling us. Our goal is to deploy tactics which always support your visitors moving along the sales funnel to convert into leads who become your new customers and result in increased revenue for your bottom line. 

Do you have the resources you need to plan and create content?