Manage Your Data

Are You Managing Your Data Efficiently?

Do You Need Help Managing Leads & Customers?

Are you struggling to keep track of leads, deals and sales? Does your sales team use different tools to manage leads? Are you able to efficiently build project quotes, project sales revenue or have a good sense of where you should direct your sales team to focus their business development efforts? If you’re struggling with any of these tasks, you’re not alone, and the Rubia Group team has tested solutions to help you. 

Rubia Group’s Customer Relationship Management (CRM)Services

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It’s hard work to get customers and revenue. Our Salesforce® certified experts can show you how to leverage the power of Customer Relationship Management platforms like Salesforce to manage and grow the value of your existing data to work more efficiently, project and grow your revenue. 

Rubia Group’s Lead Generation Services

Do you need more leads so your sales team can turn those leads into new customers and revenue? Whether you’re working on a government, commercial or nonprofit team, every organization can benefit from increased target audience engagement and revenue to work with. We can show you how to use the data and digital assets you already have to attract and nurture more leads. We can also show how to turn those leads into customers, donors or funding channels.  

Rubia Group’s Marketing Automation Services

Our team can show you how to work smarter, not harder. Today’s digital tools can be used to automate your marketing and sales process, allowing you to focus on the things that you and your team do best. The Rubia Group team can help you input the right metrics and automation checkpoints to turn your sales funnel into revenue. 

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