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Our team has 80+ collective years of brand building experience.

Working Hard, Working Smart

As a nationally registered professional fundraising agency, we deliver compliant strategies to nonprofit clients. For-profit clients leverage our Cause Marketing Camp℠ to help their brands and issue-focused organizations create good in the communities where they are operating.


Rubia Group is a proud member of the Association of Fundraising Professionals (AFP), and is bonded and nationally registered with the state offices of Attorneys General to serve as a professional fundraising counsel and professional fundraiser agency to clients.

Rubia Group services include:

  • Train client teams to become effective fundraising and business development professionals
  • Serve as an external fundraising, corporate partnership and business development team
  • Conduct lead and partner prospecting and qualification
  • Define the rights and benefits of corporate partnerships and sponsorships
  • Negotiate corporate partnerships and sponsorship packages

We can help you expand your current fundraising and development team capacity, and prepare for the future with our customized programs that offer strategic planning, staff training and development and execution of fundraising strategies.

Cause Marketing

Rubia Group’s team develops cause marketing campaigns and negotiates corporate partnerships on behalf of international and US-based nonprofits and for-profit organizations.

The Rubia Group team’s work has supported veterans receiving the benefits they earned, helped people with disabilities get jobs, strengthened first responder families, and improved local communities through corporate social responsibility funding.

Rubia Group’s Cause Marketing Camp℠ guides clients through a discovery process from defining which types of corporate partnerships are a good brand fit, how to craft customized partnership campaign proposals, and how to qualify and secure partnerships.

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Rubia Group’s team loves bringing our clients’ brands to life, renewed with vision, relevance and messaging clarity.

Our Branding Camp℠ guides clients to reach their unique answers to questions like "Who are we as a company?", "What do we exist to do?", "How do we do it differently than any other company out there?", and "Why should our target customer choose us?"

We craft brand platform messaging, visioning statements, and create visual identities that will set your organization apart from the competition, and help your team live and breathe your brand.

Staff Training

Rubia Group lives and breathes collaboration, and we love sharing our experience to train the next generation of professionals to thrive in the areas of fundraising, cause marketing, branding, business development and corporate partnership negotiation and stewardship strategies.

Our innovative Cause Marketing Camp℠ and Branding Camp℠ programs teach your team the fundamentals of how to effectively develop and execute cause marketing and branding campaigns to achieve brand awareness and fundraising goals.

As much as we’d love to stay engaged with our clients forever, success to us means creating competencies in our client teams, through our training and mentoring, so that client teams eventually take over the functions they may be initially hiring Rubia Group to perform.

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IT Services

Our team has provided various information technology services to clients for many years. These include analysis, research, focus groups, testing, recommendations, creative visual design, architecture & engineering, programming, implementation, and operations & maintenance. 

Subject areas include full-service IT solutions, covering public websites, intranet (SharePoint), web apps, mobile apps (iOS and Android), online engagement, social media, customer relationship management (CRM), Section 508 compliance, cloud hosting, network administration, server administration, content management, analytics, information security, business process management, business automation, data storage, and games.

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