Services & Products

Rubia Group’s services and products are designed to quickly solve the problems which keep you from growing revenue, reaching target audiences, and operating efficiently. Our projects always involve a customized solution for your specific needs, and are measurable and results-driven.   

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Bring Your Brand to Life

Rubia Group’s Branding Camp® product is a fully customizable interactive session which quickly helps you understand what your company brand should look, sound and feel like in order to resonate with your target audiences.  And if you’re not sure who your target audiences should be in the first place, we’ve got your covered there, too. Our audience persona and journey mapping give you the roadmap you need to communicate and engage with your target audiences in a way that will resonate and persuade them to take the action we help you define.

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Brand Identity for Start-Ups

Market Research

Competitive Market Analysis

Focus Groups

Brand Refresh & Management

Product Development

Audience Persona & Journey Mapping

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Increase Your Digital Presence

The world has moved to conducting almost everything online – from ordering a latte to taking classes or having a visit with a medical provider, 2020 showed just how many parts of daily work and personal life can be done online.  And as we start to transition back to the new normal following the COVID-19 pandemic, most people will have adapted to conducting almost everything in their lives using digital tools and platforms. Rubia Group has the expertise and solutions you need to stand out in a crowded online market and amidst noisy social media channels. We know how to help you target and find new customers, nurture the relationships and data you already own, and grow your revenue while becoming more efficient.

Lead Generation Services

Website Operations, Maintenance, Analytics

CRM Services

Marketing Automation Services

E-Commerce Services

Website Development Services

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Communicate With Your Audiences

The Rubia Group team’s marketing and public relations services help you reach and engage with your target audiences, communicate during crises, and tell the story of your offerings and value. Our services range from helping you plan and launch a new program, product or service, to creating supporting marketing collateral, storytelling video and digital content and placing and measuring this content on all available media channels.

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Graphic Design

Media Training

Advertising, Planning & Placement


Training & Support

Podcasts, Photography & Video Production

Crisis Communications

Media Relations

Public Relations & Community Engagement

Strategic Planning

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Disaster Preparedness

The COVID-19 pandemic showed organizations of all sizes how important it is to conduct disaster preparedness planning and to have a team who can rapidly activate to conduct crisis communications. Rubia Group team supports our clients by delivering these services before, during and after disaster and crisis strikes. 

Rubia Group’s Disaster Preparedness Planning and Crisis Communications Services team includes a retired United States Army Green Beret and communications professionals with an average 19+ years of professional experience creating crisis communications. Our services prepare our clients to rapidly respond to any type of disaster, keep stakeholders informed, and keep operations running. 

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