Rubia Group is a small agency on purpose. We’re small enough to give you concierge level attention, and big enough to do all of the marketing and advertising services you need and want your ad agency to be able to do.

Our History

Rachel Morales launched Rubia Group in 2016 to bring full service, award-winning creative and strategic marketing, branding and digital expertise and services to clients.

Our Team

Our team is all experts, and no drama. We’ve been around, we’ve seen a lot, and we’ve worked with clients of all sizes, levels of organizational maturation and types of industries. If you’ve got a problem you’re trying to solve, we’ve likely encountered it and developed solutions to solve it  before. But if we haven’t seen your exact problem, our data driven approach and process planning methodology ensure we’ll develop winning solutions to solve your problem, too.

Our Difference

We care about your goals results as much as you do. And there are always lots of different paths we can take to help you reach your goals. So we'll present options to you, with the pros and cons of each option so you will have the information you need to move forward. And when you're ready, we have the experience, knowledge and expertise to deliver on your selected choice.