Mid Atlantic Gynecologic Oncology and Pelvic Surgery Associates (MAGOPSA)

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Mid Atlantic Gynecologic Oncology and Pelvic Surgery Associates (MAGOPSA) is one of the largest single groups of gynecologic oncologists in the mid-Atlantic region, and delivers a wide variety of clinical services and procedures to meet the needs of patients with health and medical concerns related to the female reproductive tract.


The MAGOPSA team was struggling with a list of common issues we hear from our clients when they first reach out to us - their website was built 8 years ago, the website content was stale and the functionality was limited and not in compliance with current Section 508 accessibility standards, the website was not integrated with other IT platforms like patient health records and billing, and most importantly, any time the MAGOPSA team wanted to make an edit to their website content, they were required to pay their website management company to make the edits.

MAGOPSA chose the Rubia Group team to modernize the MAGOPSA logo and brand visuals and messaging, develop and launch a new website with updated content, and manage the website after launch. MAGOPSA also asked the Rubia Group team to connect MAGOPSA’s patient health records IT platform and bill pay systems so the practice’s patients would have a streamlined experience when on the MAGOPSA website, which meant less phone calls the the practice asking for medical records, and a decrease in accounts receivable days due to making it easier for patients to pay their bills with MAGOPSa online.


  • Brand Logo Development
  • Brand Tagline and Brand Messaging
  • IT Systems Integration Planning, Design and Implementation
  • UX/UI  Planning, Design and Implementation
  • Website Design and Development